NField Gear accessories

Introducing NField Gear

The Royal Enfield Online Store has changed its name to NField Gear.

In order to serve you better, the Royal Enfield Online Store is undergoing some groundbreaking changes from the inside out - starting with its name. As NField Gear, we will continue to offer the fast service and excellent support that you've come to expect, along with an even better online shopping experience, and an even larger selection of parts and accessories for your Royal Enfield motorcycle!

Why the change?

As the market for Royal Enfield motorcycles has expanded aggressively in the United States, Royal Enfield USA realized that the challenge of providing motorcycles to a growing market and continuing to provide one of the best parts and accessories services in the motorcycle industry were two very different challenges that each required dedicated resources and full-time attention. NField Gear is a new, independent catalog company dedicated exclusively to serving the parts and accessories needs of Royal Enfield riders.

As the market continues to grow, NField Gear will be investing heavily in your online and catalog shopping experience. We will be adding new products and producing new catalogs with greater frequency and be able to respond even more quickly to your feedback and requests.

Will you have a printed catalog?

Yes! NField Gear is currently producing a new catalog for consumers and riders, and Royal Enfield USA has announced that it will also continue to produce an official Royal Enfield Parts & Accessories Catalog which will be available exclusively at Royal Enfield dealerships nationwide.

If you are a recent customer of Royal Enfield USA, we will send you a copy of the new NField Gear catalog as soon as it is available.

How does this effect my existing orders?

It doesn't! We will continue to take good care of you and any existing business that you have with us. NField Gear will service all existing Royal Enfield USA orders, including returns, product guarantees and support.

What models will you support?

NField Gear will continue to support current and previous Royal Enfield models, including Royal Enfield motorcycles based on the Iron Barrel, AVL and Unit Construction engines. We will also continue to offer special order servicing for customers with vintage parts to the best of our ability.

Can I still call for technical support?

Yes! Service and support operators will be available to help you during the business day at NField Gear, just like you are accustomed to for Royal Enfield USA. In fact, Royal Enfield will even help direct your call on our behalf for the time being.